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What’s in a name? For us, it is honoring the history of hemp in America and our founding fathers. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were hemp farmers growing hemp for fiber and for food. They understood the importance of hemp to the people and the economy of our country. They understood that hemp was and we understand that hemp still is healthy for our economy and to us as we wear it, eat, it and use the oils! That’s why we say Founder’s Hemp is “Historically Healthy.”

Founder’s Hemp is dedicated to educating people about the history of hemp, including the great benefits of the oil and seeds, as well as providing the highest quality hemp products to our customers. Hemp’s history is rooted deeply in our nation. From providing the paper for the first draft of the Declaration of Independence and the fabric for the first American Flag, to being used to make the majority of the rope during WWII, hemp has been historically important. Not only can the fiber from the plant be used for multiple types of papers, fabrics, and other products, but the seeds and oil are healthy additions to your diet as well. Again, this is why we say that Founder’s Hemp is “Historically Healthy.” Feel free to look around our site and learn more about hemp, and don’t forget to check out our products!

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Here at Founder’s Hemp, we strive to provide the highest quality hemp products and we will be transparent in the sourcing and quality of what you are purchasing. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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