About Us

About Us

We are a group of people dedicated to being an important part of the reintroduction of hemp into the United States and the world while bringing you a diversity of high quality products. We are educators and innovators!

The vision for our company was birthed when our founder had two friends who were stricken with cancer. Watching them go through that devastating time led him into alternatives to the standard “Pharma” modalities. As he researched hemp and its history in our country, he was both amazed at the almost 20,000 uses for hemp in addition to health and shocked that raw politics had led to the outlawing of a farm plant that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had farmed, believed in and encouraged others to use.

From that beginning, he decided that he would pay homage to our founding farmers and fathers and to the history of the effective use of Hemp in our country for almost 200 years. Thus, Founder’s Hemp was born!

Our founder knew that he could just import hemp products. But, he also knew that many of those products were inferior in quality and some even contained heavy metals and other pollutants. He knew he wanted to have US grown and processed products subject to the stricter US environmental law.

But, before our founder could start a business geared to US based products, his home state of North Carolina would need to pass a law allowing farmers to once again grow hemp. So, he pulled together a group of political and legal folks, drafted a proposed law for his state and worked to make it a reality! Success came in 2015 as the initial law was passed by the Legislature and became law. In the process, our founder also was a founder of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association a federally recognized 501 C (6) organization and also C Me Help a 501 C (3) non-profit. Are you getting the idea that there is a lot of founding going on here?

Our company, Founder’s Hemp, is a vertically integrated company. We are developing a group of contracted farms and farmers who will grow specifically for our company. We will be providing expert assistance to our farmers on everything from seed selection to harvesting methods. We will also process our own hemp into usable products. Our retail website will offer to you, our customers, selected and high quality products, fiber, food and more. Some we will make and some we will source from others. Our commitment to you is that we will always disclose to you where our hemp was grown and where our products were made. Where possible we intend to source from the US. But, because the industry is so new, we cannot always source products stateside. This will change, of course, as our industry matures.

We invite you to be a part of the future of hemp in our country and in the future of our company! And always remember, “Hemp is Historically Healthy!”