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Bulk Oil

Innovative AgriProducts (IAP), a Founder’s Hemp company, serves farmers, processors and aggregators, who are permitted in their state under the Federal Farm Bill of 2014, with a solutions-focused team. From seed/clone, process, to market – we close the loop from start to finish in the hemp cycle.

Bulk Oil

bulk hemp oil cbd oilFounders Hemp offers the highest quality crude oil available, made right in our own state-of-the-art cGMP and Kosher facility. From the beginning, our mission has been to lead the industry in quality hemp oil extracts. Our commitment to that quality is why companies trust Founder’s Hemp as a reputable provider.

With Founder’s Hemp oil you know what you are sourcing will live up to your standards and expectations. 

Our highly controlled processes and temperature regulating steps help to ensure you are getting the cleanest oil available. It all starts from the quality of the raw materials and we only source the best hemp flower grown right here in the United States. Next comes the processing of the hemp which is done under strict guidelines of cGMP standards.   

Testing of the products to ensure quality is done three separate times throughout our manufacturing process. Not only do we third party test the raw flower material used for extraction but also once at the middle of the production process, and finally the finished product. 

These tests make sure no mold, mildew, heavy metals or other contaminants make their way into the product.  

Choose an extract you can trust, choose Founder’s Hemp. Contact us via email or by phone at ‍(833)-427-4367.

About Innovative AgriProducts

We are a group of people dedicated to being an important part of the reintroduction of hemp into the United States and the world while bringing you a diversity of high quality solutions and services. The vision for our company was birthed when our founder had two friends who were stricken with cancer. Watching them go through that devastating time led him into alternatives to the standard “Pharma” modalities.

As he researched hemp and its history in our country, he was both amazed at the almost 20,000 uses for hemp in addition to health and shocked that raw politics had led to the outlawing of a farm plant that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had farmed, believed in and encouraged others to use.

Our company Innovative AgriProducts, a Founder’s Hemp company, is vertically integrated. We are developing a network of farmers who will grow specifically for our company and industry partners. We provide expert assistance to our farmers on everything from clone/seed selection to harvesting methods. We will also process our own hemp into usable products for others to enjoy and consume.

The Innovative AgriProducts’ team is comprised of passionate and professional farmers, strategist, and leadership that will continue to innovate the hemp industry.