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Hemp Symmetry, from Founder’s Hemp, is here to help get hemp back into the mainstream and to help your customers experience the real results of hemp flower extract. We’ve developed a variety of trendy, accessible CBD products like delicious gummies, effective capsules and tinctures that customers love.

Building a returning customer base starts with education. We help educate your customers while bringing them the newest, most innovative products in the hemp marketplace. Once they’ve experienced the benefits of our Hemp Symmetry line of products, like relief from pain, anxiety, and stress and better sleep, they’ll keep coming back.

With Hemp Symmetry, the customers and the retailers benefit. Our products are priced to sell, making it a small risk for newer buyers. Also, our refined production process and strong supplier relationships help to keep costs low and margins high.

Hemp Symmetry is 100% natural and part of the Founder’s Hemp family of brands, so you can trust that all of our products are made right here in America. We use the same extraction technique that our forefathers used hundreds of years ago, without any additives, chemicals or preservatives.

If your customers are looking for something new, give them Hemp Symmetry and let them experience life in balance.

Hemp Symmetry

PRODUCT SELECTION: The Hemp Symmetry line offers CBD gummies, capsules & tinctures along with all-natural CBD-infused food products.

MADE IN AMERICA: You can trust that all of our products are grown and manufactured right here in the United States in order to provide you with the highest quality CBD products for your customers.

ACCESSIBLE: Unlike our allied health and grocery brands, this family of products is made to be sold in more varied locations.

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