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Your patients come to you for relief. Help them find that relief with CBD extract from Historical Remedy. We offer a complete line of CBD capsules, tinctures, salves and gummies that help to relieve pain, stress and anxiety and improve sleep. These products, working in tandem with other therapies can have an enormous benefit to patients.

Historical Remedy is part of the Founder’s Hemp family of brands. This 100% natural line of products are made right here in the United States following the same extraction process that our forefathers used hundreds of years ago.

For centuries, countless individuals experienced the benefit CBD products. Now that laws and regulations have allowed the production and sale of CBD extract again, new generations are now free to experience those same benefits.

Our refined production process and strong supplier relationships help us keep our costs low and your margins high. If you’re interested in helping your patients discover the benefits of CBD extract, try the trusted, reliable line of products from Historical Remedy.

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Let Founder's Hemp be your trusted source for all-natural CBD products for your allied health needs. Our stockists range from chiropractor's offices to pharmacies, natural wellness practices and more.

Historical Remedy products are available exclusively to our allied health partners.

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