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The first and only N.C. Hemp processing facility to be GMP Certified!


Asheboro, NC

June 20, 2019

Today, Asheboro, North Carolina based Innovative AgriProducts, the extraction division of Founder’s Hemp, announced that they are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified in compliance with 21 CFR 111 dietary supplements.  GMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any product manufacturing that cannot be eliminated through testing.

Innovative AgriProducts (IAP) was the first N.C. company to build a state of the art, nutritional supplement grade, facility specifically designed for hemp processing.  IAP is a vertically integrated company that provides hand selected clones to their partner farmers…enabling them to trace their oil extract all the way back to the field in which the hemp plants were grown.

“We at IAP know that to be successful, we have to earn the trust of our customers.  This is why we are so focused on creating the highest quality products possible…so, that our customers never have to worry about the integrity of their products,” said Jamie Crumley, CEO of Innovative AgriProducts. 

“Every step of our production process…from our plant genetics, extraction processes, and finished goods approval process reflects this focus,” said Crumley.  “It is only fitting that this focus would lead us to be the first N.C. hemp processing facility to obtain the GMP certification.” 

The vision for the company was birthed when the founder, Bob Crumley, had three friends stricken with cancer.  Watching them go through that devastating time led him to seek alternatives to the standard “Pharma” modalities.  As he researched the history of hemp, he was both amazed at the almost 20,000 uses, including health benefits, and shocked that raw politics had led to the outlawing of this historic farm plant.   

This led him to become a pioneer in the US and North Carolina hemp industry, by helping co-write the first hemp bill that passed into North Carolina law in 2015.  Crumley also founded the North Carolina Hemp Association, where he currently serves as chairman.

About IAP, the extraction division of Founder’s Hemp: IAP is a division of Founder’s Hemp, which is a vertically integrated hemp company.  From clone to final product, Founder’s Hemp and IAP are leading providers of premium hemp extracts, products, and services.  IAP provides expert assistance to their network of farmers on everything from seed/clone selection to harvesting methods, and processes N.C hemp into usable products for others to enjoy and consume.  The Founder’s Hemp and IAP team is comprised of passionate and professional farmers, strategists, and thought leaders who are committed to innovating the hemp industry.

Visit https://foundershemp.com/ for more information.   


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